Aluminum Mocha Coffee Pot


Moka Pot is a tool for extracting espresso. It is commonly used in Europe and Latin America. It is called “Italian Drip Pot” in the United States.
The moka pot has a two-layer structure. After the water placed in the lower part is boiled, it will be sprayed into the upper part of the pot through a mesh filter containing coffee powder. Although it is possible to inject hot water into the medium-fine ground coffee powder without using air pressure, it cannot be regarded as a concentrated extraction strictly speaking, but rather close to a drip type, but the coffee made by the moka pot still has the quality of Italian coffee Espresso Concentration and flavor.
Mocha coffee pot is made of high-quality aluminum material, the color is silver, high temperature and drop resistance, easy to clean. The top of the silver coffee pot has a small black plastic round head, the body of the pot has a three-dimensional stripe design, and a black plastic hand grip is arranged on the back of the pot.
[Name] Aluminum Moka Pot
[Packing] exquisite color box packaging
[Material] High-quality aluminum material, exquisite workmanship, novel styles, visible to people.
[Principle] Extract coffee with high temperature steam
【Applicable coffee beans】Deep roasted espresso coffee
[Features] Fine workmanship, better than the original Italian, good thermal conductivity, equipped with a coffee pressing plate (ie coffee press), the product is original export, and can be used for household gas stoves, travel stoves and alcohol stoves. “Benefits of the Moka Pot” is durable, the brewed coffee has a strong aroma, and the unique layer of coffee oil is even more popular!
1. Fill the lower pot with fresh water, and the height should not exceed the safety valve.
2. Pour the ground coffee powder into the filter and flatten it slightly with a coffee powder spoon.
3 Put the upper pot on the lower pot and properly tighten the beautiful and elegant threads.
4. Place the Moka pot on a gas lamp, alcohol stove or induction cooker to heat it.
5. When there is a sound of water boiling, switch to a low fire, wait for about 2 minutes, and remove the moka pot from the fire source, so that the brewed coffee is very fragrant.
6 Pour the brewed coffee into the coffee cup, and after a little conditioning, you can enjoy a good life!
the cleaning method:
1. After the coffee pot has cooled down, unscrew the upper pot, take off the funnel, pour out the coffee residues, tap the funnel a few times to pour out the remaining coffee residues in the middle of the funnel.
2. Rinse with water and wipe dry. Do not use sandy materials and soda water for cleaning, as this will damage the surface brightness.
3. Long-term use, because the bottom of the hard water will change color, it can be removed with water and vinegar.
4. After each coffee is brewed, clean the silicone ring or rubber ring inside the cup.
Note: If you operate according to the above method, it can be used for many years.
1. Before using the newly purchased Moka pot, boil it in clean water at least three times to ensure that the pot is clean
2. The moka pot is not suitable for keeping the coffee warm and reboiling.
3. Remember not to cook on the heating device without water.
4. Be sure to use ground coffee powder.
5. When using gas for cooking, do not turn the fire too high to avoid burning the handle.
6. Do not add water to the lower cup beyond the safety valve. When the water boils, air will spray out from the safety valve, and the safety valve will lose its safety protection.
7. When filling coffee powder, do not press it, just flatten the surface a little, because excessive filling may cause the coffee not to come out.
8. Before using the coffee cup, it is best to blanch it with hot water to keep the coffee temperature.

9. Pay attention when putting on the apron, the apron is divided into two sides, do not reverse it! It will leak water without sealing! !

Weight 220.0 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 120 cm



12 cups, 6 cups, 9 cups, 3 cups


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