Aluminum Moka Pot Octagonal Coffee Pot Cup Aluminum Coffee Moka Pot Aluminum


Product information:

Packing specification: single
Color: silver
Capacity: 1 cup of 50ml, 3 cups of 150ml, 6 cups of 300ml, 9 cups of 450ml, 12 cups of 600ml, 2 cups of 100ml
how to use:
1. Add water: the water level is 0.5 cm below the safety valve. The safety valve will automatically release pressure when the pressure of the lower pot is too high to prevent safety accidents; if the water level is higher than the safety valve, the safety valve will not function properly . You can also use warm water to reduce the heating time.
2. Add coffee powder: use medium and fine-grained coffee powder, and properly vibrate the powder trough to make the coffee powder evenly distributed when filling. After filling, gently press the surface with your fingers to make the coffee powder more dense.
3. Install the upper and lower parts of the Moka pot together.
4. Heating: Generally, it needs to be heated for about 5 minutes, but be careful not to overheat it to cause the coffee powder to produce a burnt taste.
5. Enjoy.
The types of coffee that need to use a mocha pot are: Mocha, black coffee, Italian, and Najia Xuefei coffee.

Packing list:

Coffee pot * 1


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Weight 210.00 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 300 cm


Capacity size

150ml, 50ml, 300ml, 100ml, 600ml, 450ml


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