Dry and wet dual-cup coffee grinder


Voltage: 220V-240V /50-60Hz
Power: 300W
Maximum capacity: 80g
Configuration double cup: Cheers (milling) + wet cup (cooking)
Packing size: 260*140*140mm

1.300 watt pure copper motor with fast heat dissipation and built-in intelligent overheating protection, extend motor life.
2. SS304 bowl and blades and SS201 body ensure the safety of the food grid.
3. Fill the cup with a maximum of 80g of ingredients, once ground, remove the cup, easily pour into another container.
4. Grinder accessory for dry food: coffee beans, nuts, spices, rice, seeds, mung bean powder and ect.
5.Chopper attachment for wet food: garlic, ginger, herbs, chili peppers, carrots and ect.
6. By simply pushing down to start grinding and chopping with a secure switch cover.
7. The transparent cover allows you to control the grinding process at any time.

Package Included:

1 * Stainless steel grinder with EU plug
1 * stainless steel cup with grinder blade
1 * stainless steel cup with chopper blade
1 * Transparent cover
1 * cleaning brush
1 * English instruction manual

Note: according to the working time to adjust the thickness of the ground coffee. If you want finesse, the longest time (No more than 30s), The finest grinding, 8 seconds for French press coffee, 10 seconds for mocha or up to 20 seconds for finely powdered espresso .
Brew your coffee with freshly ground beans. It will provide a rich aroma and full bodied flavor for the best tasting coffee.

Warm Tips:
1. Do not immerse the power base in liquid or in a dishwasher.
2. Do not use this device continuously for more than 30s and cool down for 1 minute between use.
3. Clean the grinding chamber with a brush and wipe the grinder with a damp cloth only, clean the cover by hand.

4. Please make sure the lid is locked in place and the correct amount of ingredients are loaded into the container. 5. The new product may have some odor at the start of use, this is because the engine varnish is heated up normal phenomenon and will disappear after more time used.磨豆机俄罗斯-详情页_07

Weight 1850.0 kg
Dimensions 260 × 140 × 140 cm

EU, Set1


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