Siphon Coffee Maker Tea Pot Vacuum Coffeemaker Glass Machine



[Capacity] 3 persons (TCA-3)     

[Specification] 36*16*14CM     

[net weight] 1300 grams     

[Accessories] bracket + upper limb + lower limb + cover (seat) + alcohol stove ++ windshield + original filter cloth (mesh) + coffee stirring dual-use spoon + factory certificate + box    




1. Put the hot water through the lower seat of the syphon pot, ignite the alcohol lamp or the gas stove to cook. The water volume of each cup is about 150 ml. If the bottle is filled with hot water, the cloth must be dried with water.)      

2, put the coffee powder on top of the filter cloth, the amount of each cup is about 15-20g, of course, people who love heavy taste can increase the discretion      

3. After 50~60 seconds, the water in the lower seat will rise completely and then turn off the flame. Once again, gently stir the coffee on the top seat and let the coffee fall to the lower seat.     

Standard accessories are: alcohol lamp, measuring bean spoon, filter, wooden stick       

 Alcohol lamp base and measuring spoon and top cover are PP material. Alcohol lamp bottle is made of high white material.

The body is made of high white material. Handle is wooden handle. Alcohol lamp cover and windshield are 304 material.

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Weight 1155.00 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Gold, Wood, Stainless steel, Black


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