Hand shake coffee grinder


[Material]: Metal Bean Cylinder
Log seat
[Motion] : Ceramic Grinding Core
[foot: 9.5×9.5x20cm

1. When grinding with a grinder, do not grind too much at one time. It is enough to use the amount of one time. The longer the grinder is used, the more prone to heat. Indirectly, the coffee beans are heated during the grinding process. Release in advance will affect the aroma of the brewed coffee;
2, in the process of grinding, do not shake too fast, should be gently rotated, as far as possible so that the grinding core does not produce frictional heat;
3. After each use, the drawer outside the grinder is wiped with a damp cloth. The movement does not need to be cleaned. Use a special brush. If it has not been used for a long time, wait for the coffee to be used in the next time. It is fine to pour off the powder.
Adjust the small and small knowledge: (The grinder is a simple device, without instructions, please adjust the thickness according to the following steps)
1. Please remove the nut, rocker handle and L-shaped holder in the center of the grinder.
2. Lift the center screw in one hand and gently rotate the gear nut piece to a slightly tighter direction in the clockwise direction. Please be careful not to tighten too tightly to avoid damage to the internal structure of the machine;
3. Pull back the L-shaped holder, and the long end of the holder catches the groove of any one of the gear-shaped nut pieces, and uses this as the zero mark of the grinding degree;
4. Treat one groove of the gear-shaped nut piece as a grid;
5. Rotate the gear nut piece 2 to 5 in a counterclockwise direction, and the grinding thickness is suitable for the espresso machine and the mocha coffee pot;
Rotate the gear nut pieces 6-8 in a counterclockwise direction, and the grinding thickness is suitable for American coffee machines, hand punches and filter coffee makers;
Rotate the gear nut pieces 9-11 in a counterclockwise direction, and the grinding thickness is suitable for the plug coffee maker (syphon pot);
6. Grinding thickness can be fine-tuned according to personal taste and brewing habits. The above description is for reference only;
7. After adjusting the grinding degree, put the rocker handle and nut in sequence and tighten them to start grinding the beans.


Weight 480.0 kg
Dimensions 95 × 95 × 200 cm



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