Household cold brew ice drip pot


1. No matter where you are, strong coffee
2. A little ground beans and a little hot water
3. No battery, no power cord. Just press it with your hands.
4. Stop pursuing expensive coffee
Size: 21.5 * 12cm / 31.5 * 12cm
Material: percolator (glass) filter (plastic)

Surface treatment: internal sandblasting point solution treatment, external bronze plating/mirror finish
Use: iced coffee
Warning: Please use neutral detergent, pay attention to water temperature and be careful of burns.

Components: upper cover, filter cup, filter, glass lower pot (optional)
Material: upper cover (acrylic plastic)
Upper pot filter cup (acrylic plastic)
Filter (acrylic plastic + metal fine filter)
Lower pot (high borosilicate glass)
Capacity: 600ml, 800ml
Size: 120*275mm

Weight 1030.0 kg
Dimensions 160 × 160 × 330 cm



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